Paint Project

The Painting Task Force has been working hard to bring the best to Bellaggio! The last time our homes were painted was about 8 years ago. Now the painting will begin mid-January 2022. We have 1099 homes, the clubhouse, fitness center, tennis center and two guard houses to paint.  It will be a huge effort that should take between 1 to 1 ½ yrs.
We gathered facts and asked question after question in our search for answers. We visited many communities, both newly built and older.  We saw the quality of work performed at these communities and assessed which color palettes looked the best.  We met with and interviewed 6 painting contractors and 3 paint manufacturers.  We received 5 bids.
After countless hours of research, fact gathering, evaluation, and interviews with the bidding companies, we suggested the use of RCI as our painting contractor and UCI as the paint company.
The Board and our Property Manager, Devika Dhanassar, met with The Painting Task Force, re-interviewed RCI and UCI, agreed with the Task Force recommendations and negotiated the work to be performed and the contracts.
A colorist from UCI worked with us and chose the 8 color palettes that would work best for Bellaggio. They are currently inside the clubhouse on framed boards. Each palette is numbered and is in a vertical pattern.
Sample homes were painted in September, and you can now see the way the colors look on our homes.
If you missed the Town Hall meeting on September 20th on colors, you can view the entire meeting by clicking here.  The next Town Hall meeting will be on October 25th.  This meeting will give you a clear understanding of the painting process, and the instructions from the painting contractors on how and when to prepare your homes for painting.
We hope that you will enjoy selecting your new home color and we look forward to the exciting fresh look for Bellaggio. Stay tuned and watch your email for more information!
The Painting Task Force
Carole Greenberg - Co-chairperson Cindy Leimsider - Co-chairperson  
Joan Berger – Board Liaison Ken Schnitzer – Board Liaison
Committee Members:
Steve Aberbach, Hermine Aronson, Barbara Ginsberg, Maris Newmark, Mike Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will the Painting Begin?
Painting should commence by mid January 2022. Homes will be painted in groups starting with PODS A & K and continue until the process is completed. The entire process will take approximately 18 months to complete.
What Exactly Is Included in the Painting Process?
A lot more than just painting. Your residence will be professionally prepared for the painting, which will include power washing of the exterior walls to remove loose, flaky paint, caulking, and mildew/algae. Residence walls will be treated and sealed, hairline cracks repaired, all caulking will be inspected and replaced as necessary. All exterior walls, doors, woodwork, gutters and leaders painted with top quality paint.
Who Will Be Doing the Power Washing and Painting?
RCI Painting and Waterproofing contractor has been selected by the HOA Association.
What Will the House Painting Cost Me?
All residences will be repainted with selections from the new color palettes at no cost to you. If RCI and our independent supervisor determine that your house needs a second coat it will be included. If they decide a second coat is not needed, yet you still want one, RCI will quote you a price, which you will be responsible for paying directly to them.
Do I Have to be Home When My Residence is Being Painted?
No, you do not have to be present. Plenty of advance notice will be provided as to when homes are to be scheduled for painting and what preparations you have to make. You must provide clear access for this procedure.
What About My Landscaping? How Will It Be Protected?
Prior to the start of painting, Top Cut will trim back foliage that is against the house about 6-8 inches. If you have a private landscaper, it will be your responsibility to have them trim back your hedges. RCI will inspect your home to make sure that this has been done before starting.  A Pod specific email will go out well in advance of RCI's start.
Does That Mean I Will Have to Remove Any Decorations That I Have Placed on My Exterior Walls?
What About Patio Furniture and Items on My Patio? Do I Have to Remove Them?
Yes. You must move and protect miscellaneous items such as patio furniture, potted plants and other decorative objects away from the RCI work area so that the painters will have clear, unobstructed access to the rear and side walls of your residence.
Will My Driveway Be Power Washed as Well?
No. Residents are responsible for power washing of their own driveways.
Will My Residence Be Inspected Before Work Begins?
Yes, each home will be inspected before work commences AND upon completion. Before starting work on the residence, RCI will bring to the attention of the homeowner any repairs necessary such as fascia board repairs or replacement and any other deficiencies. The homeowner shall then make arrangements to have these deficiencies corrected at the homeowners’ expense prior to the work commencing.
What If I Change My Roof Color before my house gets painted?
If you are going to change your roof color, you must complete a Palette Commitment form where you will choose a color that is complementary to the color you are choosing for your new roof.  For example, if you are going to choose a gray color roof, you would need to commit to either Palette 1 or Palette 7.
What If the Contractor Damages My Property?
There will be a special Paint Work Order Form in the Forms section.  You will complete this form and return it to Castle Management.
What exactly will be painted?
The Body, Fascia, Trim, Front Door, Garage Door, Gutters and Downspouts will be painted.  Gutters and Fascia are considered Trim and will be painted the color you choose for Trim.  Downspouts will be painted the color you choose for the Body of your house.  Shutters will not be painted.
Why are the original paint colors such as pink, yellow, or coral no longer available to us?
Times change and styles change.  The original colors of Bellaggio are “dated.”  We are updating our colors to a new and refreshing palette.  We are among great company as the colorists we spoke to informed us that the pink, yellow and coral colors of the past are not being used in any community re-painting project.
Can I choose any color in a single palette to be any part of my house?
No.  Each palette will indicate colors that are to be used for the Trim-only or Body-Only or front/garage Door-only.  For example, no house may use white or off-white as the Body color.  There are several body colors throughout the palettes that are close to white if you wish a light color body.
Can I mix and match colors between different palettes?
No.  You must choose colors within a single palette.
Is there a reason that we cannot have dark brown doors on the palettes that don’t include them right now? 
The Painting Task Force and our UCI Colorist spent much time coordinating colors on a single palette.  The colors chosen on a given palette are colors that will blend well together.  Palette 4 and Palette 6 both have a dark brown color from which you can choose.
My current color home goes with my roof.  What do I do now?
Current roof colors were factored into our palette decisions.  We also know that should you need to replace your roof color in the future, you will no longer be able to get the same color roof because those color tiles are no longer being produced.  Therefore, we had to be aware of the current colors of cement barrel tiles available to Bellaggians and be forward thinking.  Not only are we confident that you will be able to find a color that will go with your current roof tile; we are confident that you will be able to find a roof tile that complements your house color in the future (if needed).
Why can’t I find these colors on the UCI website’s visualizer?
The color names and numbers have been defined specifically for Bellaggio.
Can I get small cans of paint now to try?
Yes.  Click here to be directed to the UCI website.  Fill out the Get in touch today! information.  Include our community name, the color number and the color name.  Cost is $10 per quart.  Your paint will be delivered to you within 48 hours.
After our house is painted, will we receive small cans of paint in each of our chosen colors?
Yes.  You will be given a small can of paint in each of your home’s colors.
What palette and colors will the club house, fitness center, tennis shack or guard houses be painted?
At this time (09/20/2021) a decision has not been made as to what palette will be used for our community buildings.  We will let the community know as soon as a decision has been made.

Color Palettes

DISCLAIMER: On the Sample Homes, colors will look different depending on sunlight, the time of day, which side of the house, shadows from trees, the previous color of the house.  We suggest you view the sample homes at different times.

Before and After Sample Home Photos

To make the before and after videos full screen, after starting to play the video, click on the broken square in the bottom right corner. 
9511 Caserta Street Pod F Model Celestia Palette #1
Body: Snowglory - Trim: White - Garage: Snowglory - Front Door: Captain Nemo
6560 Pavone Street Pod IA Model Alexander Palette #2
Body: Whalebone - Trim: Snowbound - Garage: Moth Wing - Front Door: Moth Wing
9660 Asti Lane Pod D Model Leonardo Palette #3
Body: Country Dweller - Trim: Barberry Sand - Garage: Country Dweller - Front Door: Barberry Sand
9538 Positano Way Pod A Model Portifino Palette #4
Body: Awakening - Trim: Castlewalk - Garage: White - Front Door: White
9777 Donato Way Pod G Model Modena Palette #4
Body: Elk Skin - Trim: Castlewalk - Garage: Castlewalk - Front Door: Castlewalk
6705 Turchino Drive Pod H Model Francese Palette #5
Body: Big Spender - Trim: White - Garage Harrow Gate - Front Door: Harrow Gate
6545 Murano Way Pod E Model Stresa Palatte #6
Body: Sandstone - Trim: Snowbound - Garage: Film Noir - Front Door: Film Noir
6811 Elianto Way Pod F Model Alexander Palette #6
Body: Queen Anne's Lace - Trim: Sandstone - Garage: Queen Anne's Lace - Front Door: Sandstone
6704 Murano Way Pod E Model Perugia Palette #7
Body: Praisegiving - Trim: White - Garage: Metro - Front Door: White
9795 San Luca Street Pod G Model Ferrara Palette #7
Body: Metro - Trim: White - Garage: Praisegiving - Front Door: Praisegiving
9488 Caserta Street Pod F Model Celestia Palette #8
Body: Concrete - Trim: Sombrero Tan - Garage: Sombrero Tan - Front Door: Sombrero Tan

Town Halls and Tutorials

Town Hall meetings will provide you with a clear understanding of the painting bid process, the colors, and the instructions from the painting contractors on how and when to prepare your homes for painting.
Monday, September 20, 2021 UCI Town Hall Meeting and Presentation on Colors.
MONDAY, October 25, 2021 RCI to discussed the process of preparing your home.  Our Property Manager discussed how to complete the Paint Selection Form.

What Happens After Your Color has been Chosen

1. After you submit your color request, you will receive an email confirmation of your color choices. Please print this confirmation and retain it for your records. 
2. In September, prior to the start of the painting project, RCI will begin to inspect all homes, by Pod, to identify fascia and stucco damage that must be repaired to make the house ready for painting. RCI will create a report of the inspection results.  You will be given contact information for RCI to receive the report for your home.  If there is a deficiency, the homeowner will schedule an appointment with RCI to review the report. The homeowner will be responsible for fixing this damage prior to painting. At the time of the appointment, RCI will present the homeowner with a quote to correct all of the deficiencies.  The homeowner may elect to use his/her own contractor, but the repairs must be completed before the pod is scheduled for painting.
3. Examples, but not limited to: damaged eaves, fascia, and stucco. RCI will offer to repair problem areas at the homeowner’s expense, or the homeowner can secure the work by other companies.  
4. Approximately 14 days prior to painting, Top Cut will trim back your bushes, about 6-8 inches away from the house. If you use a private landscaper, it will be your responsibility to instruct your landscaper to trim back the bushes.
5. Three (3) days prior to painting your house, RCI will leave a note on your garage door. This note will tell you about the date for your house painting, weather permitting. It will also explain how to keep your area clear and safe for the painters.
6. Approximately 2-3 days prior, please remove all wall ornaments front and back. All items, furniture, barbecues etc. must be removed from the patio or pushed to the rear of the patio and properly covered with tarps or other suitable materials.  The homeowner may temporarily move the items to the lawn at the rear of the house.

Homeowner Responsibilities

The Painting Contractor (RCI) will post a notice on your garage door advising you that they expect to begin the painting of your house within 3 days. (Typically, you will get a notice on a Friday, and they will start to pressure clean your house on Monday). During this 3-day period please prepare your house for the painters by using THIS LIST TO CHECK OFF EACH STEP AS FINISHED.
____1) WHEN HOUSES ARE PRESSURE CLEANED: All windows must be closed the day before the pressure cleaning of your house. In addition, towels must be placed underneath the front inside door to prevent water from coming in during the pressure cleaning.
___2) All decorative objects, vines and attachments affixed to exterior walls and/or door frames and within patios must be removed prior to the start of painting. If you wish to reattach them to the same place, it is advisable to leave the fasteners in place.
____3) If possible, please remove all window screens. Paint over-spray and splatter might be difficult to remove. All exterior shutters must be opened.
____4) Beginning September 1, 2021, RCI will inspect and take photos of each home to determine what areas must be fixed, i.e., rotted fascia. These can be fixed before painting by RCI for a fee or you can hire an outside contractor to fix them before painting commences. Homeowners are responsible to repair other than minor surface cracks (these will be fixed by RCI as part of the painting contract). Those caused by the removal of patio screening including removal of residual caulking, the patching of holes, and repair of stucco and fascia are the homeowner’s responsibility. If the damages are not completed prior to painting then RCI, when painting your house, will not paint those areas.
____5) All patio furniture, decorations, pots, grills, and the like should be removed from the patio or screen enclosure or placed in a cluster at the farthest point away from the house and covered with a tarp or other suitable material if you have an extended patio. Any furniture under the overhang must be removed. This will allow clear access to the residence's walls.  It is recommended that hoses, reels, and brackets should be removed from the walls (if possible). If you have a patio enclosure that does not extend far beyond the overhang, your furniture must be placed on the lawn at the rear of the house. If left on the patio, it is at your own risk.
____6) Installed outdoor fans and lighting fixtures will be protected by RCI during the paint process.
____7) Lanai screen doors must be left open (not locked) during the entire paint process.
____8) Mats should be removed from exterior doors so they don’t get paint on them.
____9) Your cars should be parked in the street during the preparation, cleaning, and painting process. It is strongly recommended that vehicles be parked away from homes during each process to avoid wind related damages. 
____11) It is not necessary that you be present during the painting of your residence. But if you're planning to be away from the community at the time of painting you must notify the Bellaggio Office and leave the Lanai screen door(s) unlocked and have completed all the necessary preparations.
____1) Top Cut Landscaping will prepare your residence for painting by trimming your landscape approximately one week prior to painting. If you have "opted out", have a private landscaper and have a reflector posted on your mailbox, then it is your responsibility to prepare your home by trimming back all plantings, foliage, etc. 6-8 inches from the residence walls. A paper must be signed to indicate that you take total responsibility for this aspect of the preparation.
____2) In some instances shrubs and/or trees will be tied back.
____3) Any vines affixed to resident’s exterior walls must be removed.
____4) For those units in the zero-lot line PODs all plantings near your neighbor's wall must be at least 24 inches away. This is a PBCounty mandated maintenance easement.
____5) All tree or shrub branches that touch your home must be cut back.
____6) If you have a mural, inform RCI if you wish it painted over or masked and left in place.
We expect RCI to be on our property for a considerable amount of time during the project and that the process will be relatively problem-free. Our lines of communication are always open.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.
Bellaggio Painting Task Force

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