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Health & Wellness News
Castle Management and Palm Beach Therapy & Fitness want to ensure that all of our residents stay healthy and fit while also preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.
Palm Beach Therapy & Fitness providers invite you to workout with us in the safety of your own home.  See all the great fitness videos below!
To Stay Healthy be physically active for a last 30 minutes per day with gentle exercise.  Eat a well balanced, low fat diet with lost of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.
Sit and Stand Fitness with Ann Lindsey 10/13/2020  
Chair Fitness with Heather 10/13/2020  
"Magical Mix" & Meditation with Marianne 10/13/2020  
Total Body Sculpt with Heather-Jade 10/07/2020  
Core Balance & Strength Training with Carol 10/07/2020  
20/20/20 with a Chair with Ann-Lindsey 10/07/2020  
20/20/20 with Ann Lindsey 09/29/2020  
Core Balance and Stability with Jacqueline 09/29/2020  
Full Body Sculpt and Stretch with Heather-Jade 09/29/2020  
Mat Strengthening with Marianne 09/21/2020  
Tone, Tighten & Balance with Carol 09/21/2020  
Chair Aerobics with Ann Lindsey 09/21/2020  
Total Body Boot Camp with Heather-Jade 09/15/2020  
Chair Mix it Up with Marianne 09/15/2020  
Low Impact Dance Cardio with Carol 09/15/2020  
Mix it Up with Marianne 09/08/2020  
Chair Fitness for Abs and Core with Carol 09/08/2020  
Core, Back & Neck Stretch with Carol 09/08/2020  
Static to Dynamic Movement with Jill 08/31/2020  
Pickleball Warm up with Carol 08/31/2020  
Shape Up with Jill 08/31/2020  
20/20/20 Intervals with Ann Lindsey 08/25/2020  
"Step it Up"  Part two with Jill 08/25/2020  
Chair Fitness with Heather-Jade 08/25/2020  
"Mix it up" Yoga class with Marianne 08/18/2020  
Zumba with Valerie 08/18/2020  
Chair Exercise with Heather-Jade  
Pre Tennis Game Warm up with Carol 08/10/2020  
Wake up & Stretch with Carol 08/10/2020  
Men & Women's Total Body Workout with Heather-Jade 08/10/2020  
Yoga Chair Fit with Marianne 08/10/2020  
"Magical Fitness Mix" with Marianne 08/03/2020  
"Use it or Lose it" Fitness Mix with Jill 08/03/2020  
Golf Stretch Pre and Post Game with Carol 30 Minute workout 08/03/2020  
Full Body Workout with Carol  30 Minute workout 08/03/2020  
Chair Fitness with Heather 07/20/2020  
Anything Goes 20/20/20 with Jill 07/20/2020  
Chair Yoga with Weights with Marianne 07/20/2020  
3 Mile Step it Up with Jill! 07/07/2020  
Yoga with Marianne 07/08/2020  
Seated Chair Fitness with Ann Lindsey 07/06/2020  
Chair Balance Fitness with Heather 07/06/2020  
Power/Strength/Stretch with Jill 07/06/2020  
20/20/20 with Jill 06/23/2020  
Chair Fitness with Heather 06/23/2020  
Chair Tighten, Tone & Balance with Carol 06/23/2020  
Beginner Chair Fitness with Carol 06/15/2020  
Intermediate Chair Fitness with Jill 06/15/2020  
20/20/20 with Ann Lindsey 06/15/2020  
20/20/20 with Kristen 06/02/20  
Chair Fitness with Heather 06/02/2020  
Chair Fitness with Jill 06/02/2020  
Chair Fitness with Heather  
Chair Fitness with Kristen  
20/20/20 with Ann Lindsey  
Yoga Toning and Weights with Marianne  
Stretch, Tone and Balance with Jill  
Chair Fitness with Valerie  
30 Minute Cardio/Weights Workout with Jill  
30 Minute Senior Class Cardio & Body Workout with Carol  
Yoga & Meditation with Marianne  
30 Minute Chair Fitness Class with Carol  
Yoga with Marianne  
Chair Fitness with Ann Lindsey  
Chair Yoga with Marianne  
Tai Chi with Brian  

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